The Bible is God’s History Book

I no longer look at the Bible as God breathed, in that every word is His word. I excepted Christ as a teenager, and from the beginning I searched and meditated on scripture. My life was directed by the revelations I received during these medications. Everything I believed I checked how it matched up with what I had learned in scripture. During this time, my life was a rollercoaster in every way, with failure after failure. And I have constantly felt these failures. After 40 plus years walking with the Lord, I have changed on how I view the Bible.

To me, the Bible is God’s history book. I realize many hold my previous view Many have the opinion that the Bible is the word of God breathed, that every phase is as if it’s God’s edict. It is instead, to me, God’s recorded history of the His creation. For instance, the New Testament is  the writing of His disciples and the on goings of His people. But the idea that everything written is His thought, His very word breathed, no, I do not believe.

When I read the Bible I am more interested in what God did, than what he said. For that you need a to lean on the more of the Old Testament, than the New. You have thousand of years to study God’s nature verses a hundred years in the New Testament. The New Testament has the Gospels, but outside of that it is the letters of the Apostles on which we lean. These were godly men, who had a heart for God, and had been chosen by Him to spread the Gospel. They were anointed.

With that said, they were still men, flawed men, who’s prejudice and nature are stamped in their letters. For instance Paul’s letters are influenced by his legalistic views. This legalism is well documented prior to Paul’s salvation. Although experienced at great revelation upon his salvation experience, just like you and I, he still had to contended with his nature. You see that very black and white view in his writings. It hurt his relationships with other disciples and put a strain on his relationships. But he is Paul, who had the Experience of the Road to Damascus. He has to be right. I think that is our failure.

We as a body have held up the Scriptures as a staff between ourselves and God. Looking through this Kaleidoscope distorts what our Heavenly Father wants to say to us as individuals. He tore the veil from top to bottom, so that we may enter in to His presence and learn directly from Him.

This is a foundational premise to my blog. Comments are welcomed. I am not a scholar and have only read the scriptures. I have very little education in theological studies. These are my beliefs. Please don’t think I disregard the New Testament. It is part of this Book, I call God’s History Book, and thus carries the weight of the the new covenant.

God Bless.

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