Saul or David or Something Inbetween

You are a christian, a believe and you may have spiritual gifts. You have had some incredible experiences in your Christian life. You may speak in tongues, or maybe not, if that is not your thing, but you’ve felt the Spirit of the Lord on you. You’ve been in His presence and the Lord has changed you. You’ve felt the anointing of God. You may be a leader, you are faithful to your wife and a good father. You lead a men’s bible study or maybe your deacon in your church. You may be a pastor. The question I ask is, ‘Are you Saul or David?”

Look at David and Saul as two extremes, where many of our lives fall in between this spectrum. Saul was anointed by God, chosen by the Almighty.  Saul had the looks, the most handsome man, taller than all others. Yet his life, his ministry was a failure and he died at the hand of his enemies. A closer look at his life is even more disturbing.

Why so disturbing, because God chosen him. Saul did not seek this position, but it was thrust upon him, by God’s hand. As I write this blog, I can not help but think why God would do this to a man. Saul did not do this to himself. He made the mistakes, but he wasn’t prepared for the job God had assigned him.

Look at Saul’s calling. God revealed to Samuel, the prophet of the land, that He would send him the first prince of all of Israel. Their first king. One He did not want to give them. Its a curse, but they asked for a king. But they did not go out and grab some individual and make him king. God brought them Saul. So God tells Samuel to look for Saul and anoint him prince. Saul is swept up in this spiritual euphoria. Saul is treated with honor by Samuel, by the way he address him and by the place of honor at dinner, which Saul was not expecting. Then God anointed him with the Holy Spirit. Saul was filled with the Spirit. Then God changed his heart. He was a new man. This sounds like a recipe for success. Who wouldn’t want to have their ministry blessed in this way. It is a phenomenal experience. The truth of the mater is Saul was destine for failure, and you could see it coming.

There is no history of any real spiritual connect with God. If fact, Saul turned to others for direction, even direction from God, he would turn to the prophet. Saul did not seek this calling. Even after the incredible experience, the anointing of the Spirit, the prophets, and God changing his heart, Saul hid in the baggage when he was called to be presented to the people. Saul did not seek the spotlight. He wasn’t ready to handle it. He didn’t have the spiritual strength, nor the leadership skills. He had good looks. He was tall, but had not been battle tested. And although God had given him some tools, it wasn’t enough. God chose a man who wasn’t ready, and he failed. God’s judgement was harsh for Saul’s mistakes and his misjudgments.

Is there any degree of this in your life. Does the picture look good? Are the spiritual blocks check? Or are you an arrogant kid with a ferocious appetite. Who has a hunger for life with a reckless abandonment, which will get you into trouble one day, but also make you the greatest king of all time. A man who loves his Father and is loved by him. Are you the kid, who the rules don’t apply, but an intense closeness to you Heavenly Father, that no weapon formed against you will be successful.

Both David and Saul walked though the valley of the shadow of death, but David did it without fear. Saul died in his, with his son beside him. Is there any degree of Saul in you and if so, what do you do about it.

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