David or Saul or somewhere in between

The call of Saul to be king is disturbing, because God picked him. But why? When closely examined, serves as a warning regarding church leaders, teachers and anyone that would influence me or the church. From the very beginning he wasn’t ready for the responsibility. What I mean by disturbing is God chosen him, ordained him and seemingly equipped him, but in the end Saul fell apart. God is chosing the first king to lead His chosen people. This man will have absolute authority over all of Israel. Why in the world did He chose Saul, a man with no history of devotion to God, or evidence of great faith. Saul had a reliance on seers and medium, which later would unmask his deep insecurity.

Saul did not seek this position, nor was he keen on accepting it. Saul and his servant are looking for some lost donkeys, that Saul’s father told them to go find. When Saul was unsuccessful and ready to quit looking for the donkeys, his servant suggested they seek the guidance of “a man of God” also known as a seer. This man was Samuel. The day before, God had revealed to Samuel that He would send Saul to him and he was to anoint Saul ruler over his people. This young man is away from his family, probably frustrated or disappointed that he had failed his father and bam, God is anointing him king. Saul didn’t get a burning bush, or Jesus appearing to him on the road. God did not appear to him as a flame, or as an Arch Angel, such as Michael or Gabriel. There is no indication that Saul had a deep relationship with God or he called on God to meet tough situations. Remember it was his servant that suggested the seek the man of God, not Saul. In contrast, David relied on God to deliver the lion into his hands and to slay the giant, even at a young age. Saul had none of this history, or experience or faith. Yet, God still called him to be king!

When the day came to publicly anoint Saul king, Samuel gathered everyone together, all the tribes, including the tribe of Benjamin, who was chosen by lot, then Saul’s family and finally Saul. So Saul had the support of those that loved him. He wasn’t alone. But when  Samuel looked for Saul, he could not find him. Saul was hiding amongst the baggage, and the Lord had to reveal his location. Saul was going to anointed king reluctantly. Maybe this is more of his insecurities that would later be rear its ugly head when he attached David, because he was jealous of him and fearful of him. Even after he showed his loyalty. I am not sure if Saul hid because he didn’t want to be king or he was fearful. Either way, it is clear he wasn’t ready. Again compared to David, who took on Goliath, knowing God would deliver him into his hands. David show his metal and his faith over and over.

Ok, once God got Saul in front of all Israel and anointed him king, God began to equip him. Saul had some incredible experiences. His heart was changed by God, then God surrounded him prophets where he was filled with Spirit and started to prophesy. This was a new experience for Saul. the testimony of those that knew him, would lead me to believe Saul had never experienced anything like this before. Many of you have had these experiences, but know you are still not ready for what ever ministry you want to under take or the church is recruiting you.

God’s hand is all over this appointment, and He dragged Saul into it, reluctantly. God had taken a man with whom He did not have a close relationship, anointed him with His Spirit and changed his heart to make him king. History would show that Saul wasn’t a good choice and it ruined his life and the life of his son. Saul would reign for 42 years and he would have little peace during that time.

So what’s my point here? Did God make a mistake? Was God running some kind of social experiment? I don’t know what God’s thought is here. I don’t know why He picked a man who was destined to fail, but it does serve as a warning to me, especially about church leaders. Saul was chosen by God, anointed, his heart was changed, and filled with the Spirit of God. Yet, he was still the wrong man for the job. Think about it. You have a man, that you witnessed his calling, saw the Spirit of God fall on him, he prophesied. This man was reluctant to accept his calling and even when he hid, God pulled him out of hiding, and made him your pastor? I would. Why wouldn’t I. Saul was king for 42 years. How long has your pastor been your pastor? Is he the right man to lead your church? I don’t know. On the other hand, if God called him, it’s not your job to remove him. David made that clear, when he had Saul’s life in his hand more than once. And when those that had relished or took advantage of Saul’s death, were brought to David’s attention. He had them put to death. David had been anointed king. It was his, but he would not assume the position, not because of some insecurities, but because he would honor God’s chosen until God removed him.

One conclusion for me, is God allows his people to be misguided and mislead, God will give them just what they asked, but to their detriment. It will have all the trapping of a blessing and only to be a curse. So what the answer? How do you know when you have a David or a Saul? Can you be a Saul, even know you want to be a David? These are all good questions, that I don’t have a clue to the answer, but it would be a good discussion.

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